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Been Doing A Little Organizing

Life got a little busy recently - or more accurrately I was paying less attention than I should have been - letting bad habits take up more space than they should and good ones taking a nap. But my mindfulness around my life has begun to materialize into a system. I just need to fully build my system.

Currently I have started using the following tools and tricks to help me get back on track:

Joplin TUI

I have been using Joplin for around a year or so now, and it works great. However, I have a lot more fun typing into the terminal - I like to find any excuse to use it. I figure that if it is more fun for me to take notes then I will take more notes - and I was right!


I have also begun taking my hand written notes on the Flow app on my iPad. I got an iPad Mini 5 from eBay recently as it was $200 cheaper than the iPad Mini 6 and is pretty much just as powerful. With the savings I even got the pencil.

I had struggled to encourage myself to take digital notes over physical notes when it comes to handwriting - but once I figured out the ruler tool I was hooked.


From Moleskin as well I am using the Actions application (paired with Timepage). It is a very simple To-Do list with some nice quality of life additions. I like it for what I need.


I picked up a Neovim GUI...and yeah this one is fun. Come for the fancy GUI, stay for the pretty cursor. Check it out: