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First Post, and 2020 Resolutions

Happy New Year

Yes, I know, I am a little late as it is currently the 3rd of January. I am going to make this space my personal blog, as opposed to my professional blog which I house at Here will be my thoughts on various topics, as well as updates about my life and some behind-the-scenes looks at Let's Eat Labs.


This year I decided that I would pick just 5 of the top goals I wanted to accomplish, as anything else would be a distraction from what I want the most. Here is what I am going to work on in 2020: - Improve mental health - Improve physical health - Work on focus - Get braver - Work towards chemisty job

Improving Mental Health

This goal is purposefully vague. As someone who has (diagnosed at age 28....) ADHD it is easier for me to work towards nebulous goals as opposed to strict countings. This is going to be a lot of meditation, a lot of being nicer to myself, and a lot of allowing myself to make mistakes. I have a bad habit of getting sucked up into anxious thoughts and stressing myself out, which is not good for either my physical or my mental health.

Improving physical health

This one is more concrete, yet still purposefully vague. I plan to excersize, use my standing desk, not consume alcohol for like 95% of days of the year, finally get rid of my cannabis hobby, and do a bunch of yoga.

Work on Focus

As I said previously, I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 28 in 2020. I wish I had known sooner, but the past is not something we can alter. For this one I plan to take things slower and catch myself drifting off.

Work Towards Chemistry Job

I am finally going to go ahead and move on to what I want to do in life, which is do research to help prevent or identify causes of cancer - particularly in relation to food. However, I will take whatever job I can get in this field. I think I am going to email Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and ask what I need to add to my resume to get a phone interview. I will also be heavily considering another application to graduate school.