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Five Months Of Dailies And A Bright Winter Ahead


My oh my, what a season Autumn was. I was really rough around the edges there for a while -- but I sanded some corners and now I am doing great!

Image of checklist of daily habits for November 2022

My journaling habit suffered a little, but if I am being honest that is probably the least of my concerns. But let us move on to an update!


My dog Holly is doing great! I love her so much! She seemed to have gained a little bit of weight during the wildfire-smoke-to-rainy-season transition period since we were walking less, but it is going back down now.

We have been going on at least one short walk a day, but we really need to be going on more. We will be doing that now!

Here is her beautiful face:

Picture of my dog, Holly


My diet is pretty much the last hurdle I need to fix that is strongly impacted by my ADHD -- and the unfortunate matter is that it has so many downstream impacts.

I have been eating very little recently. I have also been feeling lost with not having any projects so I am going to write a food tracker for myself. Inspired by my brothers workout Excel spreadsheet.


Other than those things I am actually doing very good. I have done dailies so many days in a row. I need to remind myself that a short slump should not let you lose sight of all of the progress you have made.

Life is awesome!