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Learning Ebiten and Got A Dog


I was quiet for a bit becuase I got a dog. Her name is Holly and I love her. She is a 2-ish year old Border Collie mix that I adopted from a rescue. She is a total sweetheart, but is learning not to pull on the leash so much.

I decided I wanted to sit down and learn Ebiten, the 2D game engine for Golang.

Learning Ebiten

I want to make a basic Terraria style game, but much more basic than Terraria - a fun little thing that can grow as big as it wants to. I want to learn this for multiple reasons, but mainly I want to practice procedural generation.

Ebiten is actually pretty simple! I was surprised. After playing around a lot recently with the Pico-8 I am finding it quiet an easy transition as the core concepts are relatively the same.

Currently my world only has three block types, and it has no logic to their placement, but it works!