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Reflecting On A Warm Summer And How Good Sleep Feels

I have not written in a while, and for that I do apologize. Not just for this personal blog, but for all of the blogs I wish to write on. I had a very growth-focused summer and it had been very good for me. I am back now, though.

Getting Back Outdoors

I had missed the outdoors. I was a very camping-heavy child and I had taken a break since graduating from college. This year I have taken three tent trips and one cabin trip, with two more tent trips planned. I am even going out there in October! That should certainly be something.

This year I stayed at the following:
- Log Cabin Resort on Lake Cresent, Washington State
- Potlach State Park, Washington State
- Lake Easton State Park, Washington State
- Deception Pass State Park, Washington State

I am going to stay at the following later this year:
- Scenic Beach State Park, Washington State
- Kanaskat Palmer State Park, Washington State

Being able to sleep outside again has been wonderful. The first 1-2 times was a bit rough, but last time I slept like a log.

Sleep Has Returned

A common thread among by complaints for the past year has been a slack of sleep. I would have difficulties falling asleep and then would have difficulties staying asleep. I would get out of bed between 04:30 and 06:30 what felt like almost every day. I track my sleep using my Garmin watch and my average amount of sleep was six-ish hours. That may not seem like a small amount but when you get less sleep than you would like for months on end it can be brutal.

My averages for the last few months:

Months Average Hours Asleep
March 6h 17min
April 6h 13min
May 6h 41min
June 7hr 21min
July 6hr 59min
August 8hr 13min

That extra hour each day really does feel good.

Being More Active

On top of getting outside for camping, I have been trying to be more active. I got my bicycle in working order and am now ready to ride it to the grocery store next time I go. Maybe tomorrow!

I have also been walking my dog almost every day, even if she can try to be in-control too often. She is getting better. I love her.