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Spring Cleaning

This past week I really leaned into the whole "spring cleaning" thing. I had never understood why you would do it specifically in the spring until this year - its because you just got out of your winter funk!

Physical Life

I cleaned up a lot of my life in a physical manner. What does that mean? Well, I am mainly talking about my environment:

  1. Rearranged my bedroom almost entirely. I have much more space for rough-housing with my dog and playing my Xbox. I even moved in a camping chair so that I could have a place to sit besides my bed.
  2. Cleared out a lot of space in my garage - for both my personal space and my work space. One of the biggest pains I had for months was that it was annoying to open the door because I just lazily left so much stuff stored between me and the window. Well I moved that stuff, cleaned up my work bench area, and expanded my arm room. Life is good!
  3. Deep cleaned my kitchen. Enough said.
  4. Cleaned up and organized my stereo. This one is huge for me because it allows me to finally listen to my vinyls which I have not done in any real sense for years.

Digital Life

  1. I deleted a lot of apps. A lot of apps. Anything I was not regularly using, or would reasonably need (I do not check my car payment at Chase every day, but I do use that app at least once a month - for example).
  2. Set up a Plex server. I buy a lot of music on Bandcamp and I had been using VLC player to play from a Samba share, but this had its obvious limitations. Using the Plex server on my Raspberry Pi that was also serving as my NAS allowes me much more freedom and fiddle-factor.
  3. Unsubscribed from anything on YouTube that I was not interested in. I went through my entire subscriptions list that has been growing since I made my account. It feels nice to finally get rid of stuff that I no longer wish to see on my feed.
  4. Got a good digital note app. I had tried to take digital notes for a while but it never really clicked for me. I was using Flow. I tried Notability and yeah digital notes are for me - I just needed the proper environment.

That is it for now. This weekend is time for some guilt-free relaxation because I certainly deserve it after this week :)