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Summertime, when (Your Previous Work Makes) the Livin' Easy

This past week I have been incredibly successful in maintaining my daily habits. I have even added a few! Here are some my current habits that I try to do every single day:

  • Eat a vegetable
  • Weights (5 reps of a single workout)
  • Love, care, and walk my dog (1 walk per day at a minimum - heavy rain allows exceptions)
  • Play music (1 minute)
  • Read (1 page)
  • Journal (1 sentence)
  • Yoga (1 minute)
  • Meditate (1 minute)
  • Code (1 line)
  • Chess (1 puzzle)

You may notice that they seem small, like read one page a day - but that is the secret! The two minute rule (thank you Atomic Habits) makes it easy to get off your bum and do your habits each day if each habit only takes two minutes. Now I usually spend far more than just two minutes on any given hobby (I wrote code for my photography website for a few hours yesterday and today - which is kept here). I can do all the things I want in life!

I am slowly allowing myself to add new things - I do not want to get overwhelmed and fail when I have too many new things at once. However, it has certainly gotten easier to do my daily's now that I follow this rule.

James Clear is right - I may not want to go lift weights but I have never regretted having actually done so.