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Took A Week Off Of My Hyperfocuses

This past week has been a rollercoaster for several reasons - but not in a terrible way. I have been busy yet fulfilled recently. I was writing code every single day, forcing myself to produce when I should have been relaxing. Due to some other circumstances, I ended up taking about a week off of my productive hobbies. Here is what I got up to:


I started trying to read again. I picked up Atomic Habits and am really enjoying it. A few weeks prior I was reading a lot of Junji Ito, but I got over-zealous and over-borrowed from the library which caused me to become overwhelmed.

I took some time today to unsubscribe from some of my RSS feeds since I was noticing there was just far too many articles in my feed (hundreds a day??). I want to focus down my information ingestion, as doing this slowly and deliberately is good for my ADHD brain.


I have had a fairly disordered relationship with food a majority of my adult life. I know this stems from my ADHD. The reason this impacts me is because I end up hungry and lacking the energy my brain needs for my hobbies. If all I did was loaf around maybe it could work but I am far too active both mentally and physically to not consume enough calories.

Because of this I have been using my watch to set a timer of two hours every time I finish eating. After the alarm goes off, I eat something - even if just a granola bar. Sometimes I do not, if it goes off close to bed time, but otherwise I try to stick to this.

It has been working for me wuite well. I have noticed that my work days go sooner (maybe this is a side effect of the timer, who knows) but that I feel more engaged when I sit down to fovus as well. It is nice not having headaches constantly too.

Driving and Walking

I got seatbelts for my dog so I could drive with her in the car without worrying as much. I did this because I want to start taking her on road trips with me, maybe starting this week. I want to do working roadtrips where I can just vibe with my work, my dog, my music, my hobbies, and my games. Out in nature. That sounds so nice.


Life rules. There are a bunch of things I am starting to do that I wish I started earlier - but that is ok because I am starting them now.