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Underqualified - Devlog 2

My continued work on Underqualified as proved rewarding so far. I am excited to see where this project goes. It is very enjoyable to build upon a base of a project and then begin to see more and more of your features you have added come to life.

Current Status

I have made two applications for the FishyOS computer the player will be using - TextViewer and FileBrowser. Both are incredibly simplistic.

FileBrowser and TextViewer application windows

The FileBrowser does not display the names under the file icons, but rather displays the name in the bottom of the window when you are hovering over the icon. I had initially run into this as a rendering issue as the text was incomprehensible - but I have decided to leave the normal icon text invisible and have it be slightly more annoying and only display one filename at a time.

The TextViewer is a fully functional TextEdit box that you would normally find on the web, plus line numbers. The window is really small, however, so it is less than ideal to use.

I think both of these applications currently fit the FishyOS vibe of being functional but annoying.

Next Steps

The very next thing that I want to do is get the folder icon to open the file browser application at a specific portion of the file tree. I want any folder to open FileBrowser in the location that the folder is and show its subcontents.

After getting the folders to work I am going to work on editing files. After that I will work on a system to minimize the windows.