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Underqualified - Devlog 3

I have finally produced something that is stable enough to exist on its own! Here is a quick overview of what I have been up to.

Getting the FileBrowser Application to Function

I have finally gotten this software to behave like a human expects. It has a super basic backup button that only lets you go to root sometimes...but I will fix that. I had been chasing down a bug for so long, using so many print statementsm that was causing the FileBrowser to crash when trying to load a folder. I needed to change an or statement to an and statement. I felt silly after spending so much time finding this bug, but it has taught me to think twice about my login when implementing something in code.

  if filetype != "folder" and filetype != "FileBrowser":
            loaded_file = FS.load_file(filefullpath)

Application Icons

I now have the ability to have an icon on the desktop launch an application. I need to think of other launchable applications - and I will likey try to hide some in the filesystem somewhere!

Next steps

My next steps are now to polish the file browser and then add an image viewer.