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Week in Review: 3rd Week of 2021

Weekly Summary

This week I think I accomplished more than I thought I did, but not as much as stuff that I wanted to do. I spent a lot of time this week getting my server up and running, as well as cutting over some of my laboratory applications over to the new host. (They were on a Pi4 earlier, so this is much faster).


I managed to do pushups/squats/situps a lot of the days this week. Today I went out and played disc golf. I think one of my current goals is to try to spend time outside every single day. Starting today I suppose.

Let's Eat Labs

I worked a lot on this server this week. Like I said I got things cut over and I also got some VMs running on it. I finally got a Part 1 of my plastics series out and published here.

I think for my blogging I am going to be less concerned with completeness and perfection. Prolific is better than perfect, especially before I am actually known or listened to.

Home Life

I managed to clean the kitchen as well as organize the living room and dining room.

I have also started taking audio journals, 1-2 a day, to help me accomplish my goals and work through my mental health. I will still use a physical notebook to write down goals so that I do not forget them.