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Where, Oh Where, To Put My Notes?!

I have a habit of wanting to take my notes everywhere.

What I mean by this is that I want to be taking notes in my nice reporter-style pad, while also wanting to take notes with my tablet and stylus, while also wanting to take notes in my Obsidian vault...

I have found that the more I worry about this stuff the more of a "wall of suck" I build up in-front of the project I am trying to tackle. I would like to simplify this.

Going forward I am going to try this and see how it works:

1) Any notes for my essays involving media, or just general immediate notes, can go in my physical notebook I can carry around with a pencil or pen. This should help me take more notes since its fast and right in front of my hands, and the notes will be short and to the point since it is more work to handwrite.

2) If I am reading a book on my tablet I can take the notes on there.

3) Designing things are done on the tablet as well.

4) I will distill these notes and place them into my Obsidian vault.

5) If the project is primarily digital (coding, online class, etc) then I can take my notes directly into the Obsidian vault.

6) I may use the daily notes feature of the Obsidian vault to keep track of little things that come up day-to-day that need to be referenced back to.

Hopefully this does not seem too complicated! I may tweak it, but I really just need to commit to something to stop building up "walls of suck"!